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Limited Edition Yew Tt Vase - Free Standing

Limited Edition Yew Tt Vase - Free Standing


Beautiful handcrafted free standing test tube vase available in striking rustic Yew (brown/orange wood tone). Owing to the rustic nature of yew, each vase varies a little in shape; some have a waney edge, some have bark and some are square cut but all have amazing colours in their grain!  Complete with corresponding number of tubes.


A wonderfully unique and elegant design which makes a real statement of an individual flower stem.


Available in a selection of sizes:
2tt vase - £35 approx 175mm (h)

3tt vase - £40 approx 175mm )h)
4tt vase - £45 approx 175mm (h)

Owing to the very nature of wood, every piece is beautifully different with its own character. Please bear this in mind when ordering.  

Please contact me if you are looking for a specific design.

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